Top Things I Learned at Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2013



For 3 years now I’ve attended the Thirty-One Gifts National Conference. Of course the main reason I attend is to support my wife, Holley Cox so that she can get as much out of the conference as is possible. I have a few jobs (carrying stuff around, taking hundreds of pictures) as well, but really it’s about supporting her through it. 

Along the way, though, I learn quite a few things every year myself. And honestly, the more I go, the more I realize I have to learn.


So… What Did I Learn This Year?

1. I am always surprised and overwhelmed by the masses of people there! And every year there are MORE H.O.T.s! Crowds are hard to deal with (anybody have any tips for that?), but there is such an air of excitement and energy that really makes me eager to do even more for Holley and help her business thrive.

2. The value of networking both with other H.O.T.s, girls on the team, and other peers of my wife is IMMEASURABLE. There were at least 4 times as many guys in the HOT classes this year, and just walking around during conference it seemed there were far more guys than before. 

3. There’s a reason all those Gen Y peeps are the way they are. And it’s the Baby Boomers’ fault! (But that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them both, even if you’re a Gen X’er like me, you just have to know HOW).

4. There is a ton of opportunity for growth for all those Thirty-One consultants out there! The future is extremely bright! 

5. By the 2nd time you walk past your camera tripod and tell yourself “I need to pack that” you should just stop whatever you’re doing and make it happen. Otherwise you’ll be “shooting shaky” all week. Not a good thing.

6. If, for some reason, you get a rare camera error (or on a wild hare you decide to reset your settings), do not, under any circumstances, forget to reset your DSLR to shoot in RAW format. JPG is a disaster when you get home. Take it from me.

7. The heart of the leaders in Thirty-One is still very much in the right place. In most companies in America, this might not make a difference. But in Thirty-One, it is supremely important. It’s great to see that demonstrated on the grand stage better than it ever has been before.

8. There are so many MORE ways I can help Holley in her business. This year I’m going to 

8. A LOT more people read this blog than I had any idea! Wow! It was great meeting so many of you guys and girls over the last week in Atlanta. Sometimes I have doubts as to the value of continuing with this thing. But this past week has been incredibly validating. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to keep me posting.


If I got to meet you this year, please drop me a shout out in the comments below! Let me know what YOU learned at the Thirty-One #Celebrat10n!
It was truly a blessing and an honor to meet so many of you this past week. 

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