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As a blogger, it’s interesting to note which posts get the most reads each month. Sometimes it’s validating and sometimes it’s eye-opening. Every blogger wants to know when they are producing content that is being well-received, appreciated, or useful. Sometimes we get feedback through comments. Sometimes we get it by looking at the analytics.

Bigger sites probably get more comments. As for me, that doesn’t happen much, so I occasionally look at my statistics. Here are my top 25 posts by traffic volume in 2013. These may not have been written in 2013. It’s what has been viewed most in 2013.

Top 20 Posts

Top Views on Jason’s Blog for 2013

1. How Awesome is the Wacom Cintiq 13HD

2. The VuPoint Magic Wand III Platinum Portable Scanner

3. A User’s Review of YNAB 4

4. You Need A Budget

5. Top Things I Learned at Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2013

6. Business Tax Basics

7. Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Part 6 – Debunking The Pyramid Scheme Thing

8. The Dangers of “Taking a Break” From Your Business

9. Top Reasons Direct Sales Consultants Fail (Part 1)

10. Why Are So Many Husbands Antagonistic To Their Wife’s Business?

11. Is Direct Sales Really That Hard?

12. What is a H.O.T.?

13. Avoid This Direct Sales Scam!

14. Incentive Trips ROCK!

15. Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Rundown

16. Top Reasons Direct Sales Consultants Fail (Part 2)

17. Why Do Women Start Direct Sales Businesses?

18. The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Part 1 – Introduction

19. Live It Up! Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 Photo Gallery

20. The Intuos® Creative Stylus Review



• This has been a tough year for me with changing jobs, work hours and so I’ve not posted nearly as much, nor as consistently in 2013 as I did in 2012. Thank you for sticking with me through that.

• Several of these posts are actually from 2012, and some of them are my earliest posts after my blog’s “reboot.” Specifically the YNAB posts, The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Part 1 (My first DSHH post, which dates from mid 2012), and the Live It Up! post. These were my top posts from 2012 as well. I suppose that means that once written, a good post continues to “have legs” and will run for a while.

• The posts with pictures seem to do well. 

• I’m a little surprised that my geeky review stuff gets more views than my Direct Sales stuff. I essentially never “promote” the geeky stuff, but I do try to promote the direct sales stuff because I get a lot of feedback when I travel with my wife for Thirty-One events about those posts. 

• That is part of the reason I’ve decided to break off the Direct Sales Posts into their own blog – That content is just far too different from the other stuff. And I think it has a chance to become bigger if I get more people contributing instead of just me. I think there is a real NEED for this sort of stuff out there. 

• The Cintiq review had over 3 times as many views as any other post on my site this year. If anyone wants to get me any OTHER Cintiqs to review, I’d be very happy to do so! 😉

• The VuPoint review was hard to write because I wasn’t overly impressed with it. But the review still has done well. That surprises me for some reason.

• I can’t believe the YNAB reviews/discussion are still going strong. Maybe there’s just not a lot out there about it. Any ideas why these are still so popular?

• Total views for the first 4 posts: 2012, 647, 631, 405.

• Top view for a Direct Sales related post: 387 (number 5 above)

• Being consistent makes a difference. In the months that I had more posts, I had far more views across the board, including previous posts.


As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts! But since nobody ever actually does, I’m going to add this challenge: if you actually read this far down, I DARE you to leave a comment. I’ll use the comments I receive as a way to tell which commenting system people who read this blog prefer!

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