The Dangers of “Taking a Break” From Your Business


Around this time every year I see a pattern start taking effect in the direct sales business. The months of September, October, and November (especially early) are a flurry of activity. Everyone’s having success. It’s a great time to sell, to recruit, and to promote. Honestly, autumn in the direct sales business is a wonderful time.

But towards the end of November and early in December these are the things I hear:

1. “It’s hard to get a party in December, everyone’s so busy.”

2. “I’m too busy to have parties! We have so much family stuff going on!”

3. “There are just too many distractions! It’s so hard to run my business right now!”

4. “I’m absolutely worn out from the last couple of months! I’m just tired right now.”

5. “I’m just going to take a break for the next month or so and then I’ll get ‘right back to it.’”

And you know what, a lot of that is true.

But BEWARE! There are pitfalls here…

Top Reasons Why “Taking a Break” Is A BAD Idea

1. Your best and easiest party bookings will come from parties. Getting bookings after a “break” means you’re starting over from SCRATCH.

2. It’s about momentum! This goes hand in hand with No.1 above, but goes beyond it. If it’s been a while since you did a party, your subconscious will raise every fear you ever had about direct sales in the first place. It’s just so much harder!

3. You lose the structure of your work and how you get things done if you take a break. If things are running smoothly and you take a break, it’s so hard to get that back.

4. You risk falling off the cliff entirely! What if something happens or you get distracted? Most companies have a 3 month period where you have to remain “active” or you fall off. It’s a real possibility, and it starts with that “break.”

5. If you have a team and you “take a break,” what kind of example are you setting for your team? Maybe you have a mature business & enough customer base to make it through this, but when they see it and try it, they’re much more likely to be looking at No. 4 above.

It’s an especially bad idea to “Take a Break” in December/January and May/June.

Why? January, February, June and July are generally the bleakest months in the industry. When you lose your momentum going INTO those months, trying to dig out of that dry spell is extraordinarily difficult. It often takes 2-3 months to recover the momentum you lose from “taking off” one month. Seriously.

But what if I “Need” a break?

This is tough. It happens. But by far and away the best thing you can do when you “need a break” is to FIGHT that thought!

  • Don’t give into it!
  • Work a little harder on your business.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of your business. On your successes.
  • Pamper yourself in other ways.
  • Focus on a different aspect of your business (refocus on sales instead of booking, booking instead of recruiting, etc.)
  • But just don’t take that “break”

It’s just not worth it. It’s never worth it.

For the direct sales husbands out there (HOTs and others!):

If you hear your wife talking about taking a break, you should be hearing a major alarm sound! If you’re hearing these sorts of things, it’s time to double down on your efforts as a Direct Sales Husband. Help however you can. Pamper her. Praise her. Support her. Use your contacts to get business or parties. Step it up on every level and keep it there until you get past “the hump” so to speak.

One last thought for the girls & the guys:

Did you ever hear someone say to you (or someone else) about a relationship “We should take a break” ? What did that really mean? We all know the answer to that question. Remember that direct sales is a RELATIONSHIP business, and thinking or saying that phrase “I need to take a break” is just as serious and detrimental to your business as it is in a relationship.

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