The 3 T’s of ATTiTude

I recently had the opportunity to hear a great former coach (Bruce Pearl, former head coach of the University of Tennessee men’s basketball team) speak for a high school football team and really had some good take-aways that I think would be great for the direct sales consultant or small-business owner.

Bruce started out by saying how your year turns out depends on a lot of factors, but the key is your:



Breaking down the 3 T’s of aTTiTude:


You have key talents that are uniquely your own. These are your core strengths. Lean on your own natural talents in your business and you’re more likely to be successful. Those talents may be technical, people skills, organization, insight, or any number of other things. Everyone has unique talent that can help them in their business. Further, most of the time you’re better off putting more effort into your strengths and going from Good to Great, than you are putting that same effort in an area of weakness, trying to get from bad to good. 

When things don’t seem to be going right, get back to your key talents.


No matter what your business or situation, you can only get so far on your own. You’re much more likely to go far with teamwork. In direct sales, building a team is important and makes all the difference in your paycheck. But even before that, surround yourself with a great group of people. Share ideas. Build each other up. The support (and even the competition) will spur you to greater heights than you’d achieve alone.


So many people allow adversity of various sorts to get in the way of achieving their dreams. Developing tolerance will help get you past those seasons or episodes of adversity. It could mean tolerating personalities or other peoples’ attitudes that have been holding you back. Sometimes it means tolerating someone’s poor tone of voice in order to get to the message the person is trying to get through to you. Tolerating constructive criticism is hard for a lot of people, but if you can’t tolerate it, you are really the only person hurt by that. Most of the time when someone is giving constructive (not destructive!) criticism, they’re actually trying to help. Tolerate the tone and receive the message.

It also can mean tolerating the hard times to get through to the end goal. It’s never easy. If you want to be a champion runner, you have to put in a lot of time and pain training or you’ll never get there. The same is true in direct sales. Although there are always people who get a lot of glory and praise for getting to the top quickly, very few people manage to make it that way.

Most people who are successful in direct sales make it through perseverance, tolerating the hard times, but sticking through it.

What does attitude mean to you? How can you improve your aTTiTude to be more successful personally (in business or otherwise)?

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