Resources for the Direct Sales Husband


This is probably going to be a short post because there’s just not a lot out there.

I did find a website called that started recently. Great name for the blog and I have to applaud the mission! 

Other than that, there’s only a couple of things out there for the Direct Sales Husband:

1. Facebook – I belong to several groups aimed at Husbands Of ThirtyOne (H.O.T.s) and there’s a pretty good exchange of ideas sometimes. Look for similar groups with guys from your direct sales company.

2. Events – see my posts on National Conference and Incentive Trips for more info on this. It’s a great way to connect.

3. Team websites – some larger direct sales teams have websites for the girls on the team. They may have resources for the guys, too. And the guys are usually welcome to use the resources for the girls to help their wife, of course!

4. This website – self-promoting, I know, but as far as I can tell, there’s just not that much out there otherwise. (So help me make this as good as it can be!)

After that, you’re essentially left to your own resources. In a way, this is probably a good thing. Guys are usually in their element when they’re forced to “do it themselves.” That can mean either you’re thinking up your own ideas to help your wife’s business, or that you’re creating the resources for other guys to use. 

As I’ve been doing these blog posts, I’ve learned that a lot of guys actually follow them from time to time and they’ll tell me in person about it. But it just doesn’t seem that guys are as active in the blogspace and social media as the girls are. Yet. 


What resources do you use to connect with other direct sales husbands?
How can I use this blog to help facilitate guys connecting to create resources to help their wives?

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