Live It Up! Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 Photo Gallery

After banging my head against the wall all morning trying to export slideshows from Lightroom and somehow get them showing in my blog (and failing miserably), this is what I’ve come up with. Any of you out there who are familiar with self-hosted WordPress and creating some sort of slideshow, please let me know what you do for this sort of thing. I’ve decided to utilize my Flickr site and the Flickr-gallery plugin to show the following photo set.

Live It Up!

Click a thumbnail to view the image on Flickr.

2012 Thirty-One Gifts National Conference Photo Gallery

At one point I thought of taking a picture of each of the team T-shirts that I came across during NC. I got a few, but honestly, there were hundreds of them there. Should I try to do that next year and make a gallery of just team T-shirt designs? It’s a cool art-form, if you think about it.

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