It Really Is The Little Stuff…

Direct Sales Husband's Handbook

Of course there are tons of ways to help with your wife’s direct sales business. I’ve mentioned a few already in earlier posts and more will be coming after this. Today I wanted to talk about:

The Little Stuff…

Chances are good that you’ve run a business of some sort (or helped to do so) at some point in your past. Whether it was running a lemonade stand as a kid or anything more than that, you probably have some feel for what it means to run something.

One thing about Direct Sales is that it is very much a self-motivated industry. That makes for a great opportunity, and Holley and I know several girls in the industry who actually make SEVEN figures running their business. When you are highly self-motivated, you can absolutely run with it and make your wildest dreams come true (and beyond).

Remember, direct sales is, for the most part, about making your dreams come true, whether it’s 7 figures or financial wiggle-room, or getting debt-free.

But the self-motivation side of the business has it’s down-side too…

Not everybody is all that self-motivated

Shocker, I know.

We’ve all had side-projects from time to time that have just languished in the shadows because everything else in the world takes precedent or gets in the way. Maybe it’s just an inconvenient time to work on the project. Maybe there’s a little one screaming for your attention. Maybe your “real job” was a little too involved today and you just don’t feel like working it. Or maybe you would even after that rough day, but you need to mow. And take out the trash. And clean up your workspace. And grill steaks for dinner. And do laundry. That side project can wait until tomorrow.

Wait a second! Laundry? Did he really say “do laundry?” Do you see what I was getting at there? Your wife’s direct sales business is subject to all the same distractions and demotivators your side projects are. And then some. My wife would never let me get near the laundry (despite the fact that I’ve never ruined a single item of clothing). It’s just an example.

But every “Little Thing” you can take off her plate frees up some actual time, mental energy and real energy to work her direct sales business. Honestly, this applies to any endeavor or goal she sets.

Here’s Some Little Stuff You Can Take Off Her Plate:

1. Run an errand for her (getting party supplies, snacks, groceries for the house)

2. Cook for the family occasionally so she doesn’t have to do it.

3. Watch the kids (it’s a good idea to spend time with them and build her confidence in your kid-skills, too)

4. Clean something in the house, or maybe manage the kids as they do chores.

5. Deliver a show for her.

6. Run the kids to their activities.

7. Wash dishes (and put them away)

You see where I’m going here, right? It’s not about the specific thing. It’s about doing what needs to get done so she feels enabled to work her business. Some days she may need one thing done. Some days she may select “All of the above” as her option. What she needs you to do may be totally different from anything I’ve mentioned. Just try to be flexible so you can help battle her demotivates.


Girls: what little things seem to get in the way of you working your business?

Guys: (Just to make it fun) – What thing do you hope she NEVER asks you to do? What have you seen that really demotivates your wife that you can take off her plate?

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