It’s Your Fear That Is Holding You Back!


What really stands between you and your goal with your business? Is the business too hard? Too much competition? Is the product just too hard to sell? Not enough time to get it all done?

No. It’s not that.

It’s your fear that’s holding you back.

Fear tells you it’s too hard.

Fear tells you you don’t have enough time.

Fear tells you that you’ll be embarrassed.

Fear tells you you’re not good enough.

Fear tells you that you don’t deserve it.

Fear tells you that you can’t do it.

Fear tells you that you’ll fail.

Fear speaks to your inner self and beats down you excitement, your confidence, your skill. Eventually it beats you down from the core, knowing your every weakness and insecurity. Fear will force you into a corner that you can’t escape.

Bottom of the Bunnyslope

Seems like a pretty peaceful picture, right? Actually, this is the bottom of the bunny slope in Vail. The first time I saw it. Seemed pretty intimidating and downright scary at the time.

Don’t let fear take control of your future!

How to successfully face your fear:

Learn to recognize your fear

Half of the battle is knowing when you’re dealing with a fear obstacle instead of a rational problem. Identify early that that voice inside you is being irrational. The earlier you recognize it, the easier it is to defeat.

Be intentional

Know that fear is going to come. Know that your inner insecurity is going to fight against you at every turn. Don’t let the fear paralyze you. Expect it and be ready for it.

Make a habit of stepping outside your comfort zone

If you never tempt the boundaries of your fear, when you come up against it, it’s a lot harder to step through the fear to achieve what’s on the other side. I’m not one of those people who advocates going out to find extreme examples of this (like bungee jumping, high-wire walking, or whatever). We have reasonable options to do this almost every day. Take those opportunities and run with it.

Focus on the goal ahead

If fear is trying to stop you from action, there must be some goal for which it is getting in the way. Focus on doing what needs to be done to achieve that goal. Amplify the importance of the goal actively. Fear will be trying to reduce its importance.


Some direct sales examples of fear in action:

1. Fear of signing up to sell products you love. We all know people who attend party after party. They’d be the perfect candidate to sell it, because they love it! But they’re afraid they won’t succeed. Or that they’ll lose money. Or that their husband or friends won’t be supportive. Or that they’ll have to do it alone.

2. Fear of asking friends to host a party. How familiar are you with this one? Everyone I know in direct sales faces this regularly. But so often, those same friends are just waiting for you to ask. They want to help! I know cases where feelings were actually hurt because the friend wasn’t asked! Also, doing only 1 or 2 parties a month make this fear more powerful. The more parties you do (generally more than 4), the easier it becomes to ask, and the more likely you’ll get bookings for parties AT your parties.

3. Fear of asking people to sign up. Remember, you’re not pushing this on somebody. You’re just asking if they might be interested. If they are interested, if you don’t ask them, then they’ll find somebody else to sign up with. Why let that fear cause you (and potentially them!) to lose the opportunity?

Question: Do you let fear impact your business unnecessarily?

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