Is the PlayStation 4 Worth Buying?

I’m just a tiny bit ashamed to say: “I’m a gamer.” I enjoy playing video games from time to time. By no means would anyone call me a hard-core gamer, but when the “Next Generation” of consoles were announced, I was pretty excited.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve been gaming on the Playstation 3, and before that I had a Playstation 2. Over the years, my preferred games have changed (from NCAA football & the Need For Speed series on the PS2 to the Call of Duty franchise on the PS3 (which I’ve only really been playing for the last 3 years). On the PS3, I was late to the party, buying it mainly after having so many frustrations with other Blu-Ray players and continuously hearing the PS3 was the best Blu-Ray player out there. The last 5 years have proven that to be true. It’s an awesome BR player. But it’s also an awesome gaming machine.

Despite that, I really considered changing platforms to the Xbox with the new generation (PS4/Xbox One). It just seems like more people I know who are gamers play on the Xbox.

Then the initial releases hit and Microsoft TOTALLY botched it. Butchered it, really.

Playstation 4 Box

The specs on the PS4 were soundly better than the Xb1. The price was lower. The game availability looked about the same. But then you add to it Microsoft’s initial draconian policies with used games and their requirement that the internet be always on to use the system.. Plus the concern over the Xb1 camera being constantly on.

So the PS4 was pretty clearly the pre-launch winner of the next-gen consoles. And I pre-ordered mine.

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November came and it arrived. A week after COD Ghosts. It was bright and shiny. Install was smooth and flawless.

But then I started playing Ghosts on it (after playing on the PS3 for a week) and here are some things I noticed that are still true now:

Ghosts Pros:

1. The graphics blow away the PS3 graphics (which aren’t bad at all).

2. The new controller feels so much better in hand than the PS3 controller (even my SCUF controller)

3. There are supposed to be “central” servers for Ghosts which should help with the connection problems every COD has had for multiplayer.

4. The level of competition is DEFINITELY stiffer on the PS4 than PS3. Apparently some Xbox gamers made the switch. Or maybe it’s just an early adopter thing.

Ghosts Cons:

1. None of my PS3 “friends” has a PS4.

2. There are so few people playing Ghosts on PS4, it makes for poor match-making, which actually makes the connection WORSE

3. Nobody mentioned that the wireless headset market for the PS4 would be approximately ZERO for the first 6 months. That’s a huge deal.

4. And despite the PS4 coming with a crappy mic earbud, rarely does anyone use it.

5. The level of competition is DEFINITELY stiffer on the PS4 than PS3. (My PS3 KD is 1.25 for team deathmatch it’s .96 for the PS4)


The end result is that since it’s launch, I’ve played 4x more on the PS3 than the PS4.

Blog 2 9

Other Thoughts:

Resogun is totally worth the download. Great, fun, Defender-style game.

Need For Speed Rivals – It’s pretty fun. The graphics are great. Multiplayer gameplay isn’t so different that it makes a big difference. It’s not “social” enough

Most of the other games I’ve played have very little replay value, and most of these are free downloads through Playstation Plus (which is required for multiplayer play, but is both cheap and worth it).

I can’t say enough how good the new controller is. It feels perfect.

For my “headset” I’ve been using some high-quality in-ear iPhone compatible headphones plugged into the controller with ALL sound going through the controller. It is functional, but I don’t think it’s as good as a 7.1 headset or even close.

What I’m REALLY waiting for is Destiny on PS4. It should hit this summer and I’m not even going to buy it for PS3.


Final Verdict:


The PS4 is going to be an awesome product. But I really wouldn’t recommend it at this point due to the lack of games and gamers. Even with the far superior graphics of the PS4 compared to the PS3, the gameplay is more enjoyable on the PS3 right now because (a)I can play with friends & (b) There are SO many more people playing (60k online on PS3 compared to 6-15k on the PS4) matchmaking and connection quality are much better on the PS3.

As the game availability increases, and more gamers buy the PS4, it will become a better and better platform. And this is especially true as developers start to release games that really make use of the new hardware and you start to get more next-gen only games.

If you are going to Buy a Playstation 4, consider buying through my link, which gives me a small commission to help fund this site!


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