Intro to Family Medical Kits – A Doctor’s Perspective



This might just be the closest I get to a medically related post.

Living in a household with 7 kids, you learn that sooner or later you’re going to have an accident. Mostly sooner. With all of us in the house, we number 9 plus one 90+ lb. chocolate lab (Eli). It’s a pretty regular occurrence that someone falls, slips, trips or has some other sort of accident around the house requiring some sort of “medical intervention.” So then starts the scramble to find whatever is needed to remedy the situation.

First Aid Kits 
So I’ve decided to put my medical knowledge to use for one series of posts:

Family Medical Kits (From a Doctor’s Perspective)

1. The Home Family Medical Kit

2. The Car Family Medical Kit

3. Medical Kits – Other Considerations

After doing a fair amount of research for my own family’s medical kit(s), I’m going to try to break it down for you. What do you really need? What’s out there? Can you make your own kit for cheaper than you can buy the separate parts? Do you need a 326-piece kit? At home? In your car? What if you go on a hike?

If you have any specific questions about what you’ll need, feel free to ask away!

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