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Today I was talking with a friend at work about insurance cards and I had this thought:

We all have to carry multiple “cards” with us for our official documents. They take up space in your wallet and can be fragile. Paper cards can get wet or frayed, bent, or the print can fade or be rubbed off from friction.


Evernote to the rescue!

Scan the fronts and backs of your auto insurance card, social security card, health insurance dental, vision, or prescription cards. Do what you need to to to the scanned images to trim them to size and make sure they’re highly readable. Save each one as a PDF file or JPG file named appropriately.

Create an Evernote notebook and call it “Insurance Cards.” Then add the JPGs or PDFs for each of these cards as individual notes in the notebook. Make sure to tag each one with keywords like “insurance”, “medical”, “prescription” or whatever is appropriate.

Make sure you install Evernote (free) on your smartphone and sync your Evernote account.

The payoff:

Now you’ll have all your paper insurance cards with you whenever you have your phone (which, let’s face it, is always). They’ll be fine for use as proof of insurance or doctor”s visits. And they’ll be protected from wear and tear.


How do you use Evernote with your portable devices? What other applications of this concept have you used?

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