Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Part 4 – Getting Involved


This is another installment in my Direct Sales Husband Series aimed at both the ladies of the direct sales industry and their husbands.

Getting Involved – Getting His Feet Wet

The sad fact is that so many men do not support their wife in their direct sales business. There are tons of misconceptions about the business and I’ve touched on this in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. But because of all of this, we need to talk a little bit about getting your husband involved in a positive way.

Start from the top

Not every leader is going to be able to do this, but if you already have a husband who is positive about your business, there are at least 2 main ways to get the ball rolling:

Get him in front of your team

Modeling is a powerful tool in business, parenting, and any other leadership position. Once your husband is being supportive behind the scenes, it’s time to get him in front of your team. Are your girls who struggle with unsupportive spouses even going to have a concept that it’s possible without seeing it? I can tell you from personal experience that sust getting him in front of your girls is going to make an impact.

In addition to the behind-the scenes stuff I do for Holley, she likes to get me involved in meetings. In Thirty-One they have Celebrate & Connect meetings every other month. I don’t do a whole lot, mostly stuff that falls into my area of interest like setting up the video on the TV or computer or projector. Sometimes I make playlists and get the music going before the meeting really starts and afterwards when people are just chatting. I’m the official Team Cox photographer and often those pictures end up in the newsletter. It’s just little stuff like that. But in an important way, it shows every girl there what it can look like to have a supportive husband.

Holley travels to one of her director’s C&C meetings a few times a year. She does a lottery to determine which one to attend (her team is spread out across the country). The first time she did this, I was working and couldn’t go. Because I’ve been so involved, the girls were kind of disappointed. They actually LIKE having me there!

Get the guys to network

If you can start getting your husband’s feet wet attending events, then you can start asking your team to bring their husbands as well. Those connections are a great way for the positive, supportive hubbies to meet the other husbands who are either new, or have some degree of skepticism. When he sees another guy who has bought-in, it makes the whole thing more legitimate in his eyes and breaks down those barriers and misconceptions.

Last year was my first trip to Thirty-One National Conference and I met so many girls from Holley’s team. It was a great experience. While there, I also met several other husbands of Thirty-One. Since then there’s even a Facebook group for HOT’s (Husbands Of ThirtyOne). Getting together with other guys who are supportive of their wife’s business has been eye-opening. There are so many ways to help her and these connections are great for finding this out. I highly recommend taking your HOT, or direct sales husband with you to your convention to meet other supportive husbands.


What is your first step in getting your husband involved with your direct sales business? Are you doing it or are you anxious about it? 

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