Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – National Conference Wrap-Up


National Conference Day 5 (Saturday) – Wrap Up

Day 5 of Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 was called “Super Saturday” for the girls it meant more training classes. For the guys it meant H.O.T. classes! Last year there was a panel discussion for the first time. This year there was a panel discussion and two break-out classes. My estimate is that there were 250-300 guys in attendance (about 5 times last year).

Scott Monroe Picture

Scott Monroe, the original Husband of Thirty-One (H.O.T.)

The panel discussion involved a group of guys giving their perspectives on their wives’ businesses and telling about the changes they’ve seen in their wives over time due to Thirty-One. It was a good discussion for any of the guys who are new to getting involved with their wife’s business or new to direct sales. It was a pretty frank discussion and a couple of the guys admitted they were pretty negative about the opportunity at first. Hopefully next year they’ll open this up to questions from the audience.

Panel Discussion Picture

8 H.O.T.s talking about their role in their wives’ Thirty-One Business.

After the panel discussion, there were two breakout options: Business class and emotional support class.

This year I attended the “business” class. This was an opportunity to hear about the business of Thirty-One from the President of the company (Andy Neri) and some of the financial guys. They had some useful statistics and projections for their company and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions about their projections for the H.O.T.s in attendance. This was a great option for guys who are more involved in helping manage the business side of their wife’s business.

The other class was more about “how to support your wife.” Honestly, I think this was more highly attended than the business class. One of my buddies went to that class, so I’m going to review his notes as soon as he gets them to me (Hint, hint, Ethan!)

Support Class

Support Class – Roughly half of the guys present for H.O.T. training.

No matter which way you went, there was a ton of opportunity to learn about the business and talk to other guys to see what they’re doing for their wife. As you create connections, there’s a ton you can learn from the other guys, and going to NC is about the only way you’re likely to meet some of these guys because we’re all spread out over the entire country. You’ll also meet guys whose lives have been changed tremendously because of the direct sales business. I know guys in Thirty-One (HOTs) who have been retired by their wife so they can help full-time or do something else they love. Others are now debt-free or on their way to it. Thirty-One truly is a great opportunity, and I’m sure other companies do the same.

Linn Jason & Ed

Linn, me, and Ed are all in the same Thirty-One downline with S.E.D. wives.

So, overall I would say Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 was 100% worth my time. As a full-time physician, my time is a scarce commodity, but this was totally worth it. Getting to be personally involved in my wife’s business is an amazing thing. Making friends outside of medicine is a huge bonus and very rewarding on a personal level. Connecting with Holley’s team gets more fun every year. Catching the excitement for the business (or renewing it, anyway) is a great feeling. And even if none of that were such a big deal, being there with and for Holley made it worthwhile 110% by itself alone.


What questions do you have about how to help your wife and support her business. Or even help run it?

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