Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Part 3 – General Support


See Part 2 for ideas on getting Buy-In from your husband for your business.

General Support

The first two parts of this series were directed more for the ladies who have the direct sales business. Of course I hope any guys reading this will go back and read those posts, and the ladies should read these upcoming posts as well. But at this point, I’m going to start getting a little more directed at the guys them

Over time, I’ll be covering many specific ideas on exactly what you can do to help your wife and her business, but today let’s talk in generalities. Honestly, these are probably the most important things you can do that will not only help her business, but will also likely help your relationship. Let’s face it, guys, is there really a time where we don’t need a little (or a lot) of help in that area? For many guys, these are the hardest things to do. But for those guys, you need to understand that these are things your wife needs from you. They will help free her to feel comfortable with doing what she needs to do to make the business successful and stick with it.


It’s probably a good idea to think a little bit about your personal attitude towards your wife’s business. We need to start with ourself because this needs to be genuine. So if you have any latent/passive attitudes that are negative, that’s the first place to start. If your attitude is bad, that is going to leak out in your words and actions. It’s unavoidable.

Then, if we keep our own attitude positive and healthy about what she is doing, we can get out of our own way and do what we want to do – help and support our wife. This will also get us out of HER way and allow her to use her own skills and instincts to their fullest extent. She’s a lot more likely to be successful if she feels supported.

Emotional Support

Every wife needs emotional support to operate at her highest level. Feeling loved and supported will go a long way towards motivating her indirectly. This is bound to be the effect of maintaining a good attitude about her and her business.


Direct motivation is usually appreciated and helpful. It’s especially important when your wife is feeling discouraged. Direct sales can be a tough business. It is based on relationships and depending on hundreds of factors (that, let’s face it guys, about which we have not the slightest clue) there are bound to be ups & downs. Getting parties/sales/recruits can be hard. Moving makes it harder. The economy comes into play.

In my time with Holley, there have been several times that she was on the edge of “giving up.” She’s the 11th consultant to ever sign with Thirty-One and has been doing it 8 years, but she still goes through these times. That’s when it’s important for me to step in and lift her up. To step up my “game” so to speak.

Beware the temptation to become overly aggressive in this area. Too much “motivation” gets viewed as being “pushy” or ”nagging.” She probably hates that feeling as much as you do.


Setting goals is an important part of any business or personal achievement. Helping her to remain accountable to the goals she sets herself (in a gentle, positive fashion) will help her achieve her dreams. Again, this is not an area to be pushy, preachy, or nagging. Be careful. Make sure you are doing this in a supportive fashion.


What are some other ways that guys can, in general, be supportive of their wife’s business? What things do you do that she appreciates along these lines?

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