The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Part 2 – Buy-In


See Part One for a general overview of what’s going on here.


One thing I’ve noticed in my time working with Holley with her Thirty-One business (and now with Rodan + Fields) is that the average direct sales girl does not have a lot of support from her man for her business. This always surprises me, but I see it time and time again.

Things I hear on a regular basis:

  • Guys will belittle the business or business model.
  • They don’t want to help
  • They will be passive when it comes to the business. Maybe even passive-aggressive.
  • Often they’ll use negative words when the topic comes up.
  • They will generally avoid helping in any way, putting pressure on the consultant to do it all on her own.

Now, maybe I shouldn’t be overly surprised about this, but I am. I am surprised because there are so many reasons guys should buy-in to his wife (or future wife) getting involved in direct sales.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Support Your Wife’s Direct Sales Business

  1. Supporting her in her business will help your relationship on a global basis.
  2. Extra income is a good thing. And most families are 2 income households anyway.
  3. There really is nearly unlimited earning potential in direct sales. The more support she has, the farther she is likely to go with it.
  4. Direct sales offers so many ways to be successful. Success is contagious, so this is good for the whole family.
  5. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to work together with her. Working together builds her confidence in you and the relationship.
  6. A woman who feels successful and supported is happier than one who doesn’t.
  7. Supporting her in an independent endeavor is a way to give trust. Trust is critical in any relationship. She needs to feel that from you.
  8. She needs to get out there and socialize. Direct sales is a great outlet for that.
  9. Many direct sales companies offer incentive trips. And she can take YOU for free (I’m going to Cancun for the 2nd time thanks to Holley’s business with Thirty-One.
  10. Supporting her business is a way to love her in an effective way.

These are some key reasons for buy-in and honestly, they’ve come right off the top of my head. There are so many more, and some of them have quite a bit of depth to how important they can be. This is going to be a topic of future blog posts as well.

Another way for the guys out there to look at it is this… in what way are you helping your relationship by NOT buying in to something (anything) she wants to do that has the potential to be a good thing for your family? If you say negative things about her business, she is likely to take some of that personally. If you resist helping out with the kids or in other ways, how do you think that is going to affect your relationship over time? Does that instill confidence in you for her? Think about it. None of that is a good thing.

If there is just one reason you should support her, it is that to women, support IS love. Giving her your support, time, attention, and help are unmistakable expressions of love to her. It shows her your relationship truly is important to you. Isn’t that how you really feel?


So, are there any guys reading this who have wives involved with direct sales? I’d love to hear your comments on how supporting her has affected you. Or your stories on how you got her to buy-in. Post to comments, please!

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