The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Part 1 – Introduction

About a year ago, I decided I need to write a book. Now, this is not the first time I’ve considered writing a book, but maybe this was the first time I had a concept for a book that might actually be more helpful than humorous. The topic, you ask?


Now, here it is, a year later and I hardly have anything more than an outline of some potentially helpful chapters. But I’m also restarting my blog and looking for helpful topics, and talking with my wife about her blog and topics as well.

A little background: My wife, Holley Cox, is a top-level leader with Thirty-One Gifts. She and I have been married a little over two years, but in that time I’ve seen (and helped) tremendous change in her business. She went from a mid-level leader/consultant struggling with whether or not to continue with her business (in addition to her full-time job as a speech therapist in the Hamilton County school system) to a full-time top-level leader. She is self-employed, has flexible hours, gets to go on all those field trips with the kids while they will still let themselves be seen with her in public (sometime after 14 that ends, we’re noticing). And she makes very nearly as much money as I do (and I’m a physician!) Next year she probably will out-earn me, and I’m fully ok with that.

I’ve decided that for the time-being, I’m going to work on a series of blog posts. Hopefully someone will get some benefit from this. There’s even the chance a great many people could. Maybe, once I get these ideas out there it’ll be reasonable to put it together into a book when it’s all said and done.


So‚Ķ why does there need to be a Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook?

When you marry a wonderful woman who is deeply involved in the direct sales industry, you end up seeing a whole different world. Most guys honestly don’t have a clue about the direct sales business model, or anything else about it other than possibly a few companies “Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon” and maybe the thought that “It’s just a pyramid scheme.”

Guys may think:

  • It’s just a little hobby, like playing golf or baseball is for me.
  • It’s just an excuse for the girls to get together and get away from the house
  • Oh no! Does this mean I’m going to have to watch the kids on my own for 4 hours? No way!
  • What a waste of time. If you want an extra $125 a month, just ask and I’ll give it to you. That’s all that direct-sales stuff can get you.
  • Thirty-One? I’ve never heard of that. Must not be that big of a company.
  • Is there some way to lose money with this? I don’t want you to risk losing money.

Obviously, there’s a million other things guys may think about it, but for the most part, let’s be honest. 9/10 guys, upon hearing their wife/girlfriend is considering selling¬†insert-company-name-here are not going to be excited about the idea. And that’s a shame, because there is absolutely unlimited potential with these companies. Not only that, but just the fact that she is taking the initiative and showing a little entrepreneurial spirit is an incredibly good thing.

This series is going to discuss all sorts of topics from how to get “buy-in” from your husband. Hopefully you can get him to read along and learn some things about how he can help you with your business, maybe even taking it to the next level.


What do you think about this topic? Are you involved with direct sales directly or through your spouse? What issues have you had with getting help from your man?

One thing is for sure, the more comments and feedback I get, the better the quality this series will contain. Thanks in advance!

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