Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – National Conference Days 3 & 4


Wow, what a crazy mess of activity! I had intended to do a brief daily blog post during Thirty-One Gift’s National Conference but found this difficult because there was so much going on and the internet quality at the hotel was very frustratingly spotty and slow. Maybe that’s because 16,000 girls taxed the wifi or something. It took forever to even check email and several emails I composed during NC were undelivered due to the spotty quality of the internet.

I ended up taking a lot of notes and getting a lot of ideas, so plenty more posts are forthcoming.

Day 3 of National Conference (Thursday)

This was the first year in which HOTs were allowed to attend general sessions at Thirty-One National Conference. I thought it was a great change for several reasons, but the biggest reason was apparent on Wednesday: Product Reveal! Every year at NC, they introduce the new product styles, fabric patterns, and other new twists that get the girls excited. And oh-my-gosh do they get excited! Being present, you cannot help but catch the energy and enthusiasm as the girls are literally screaming with every new product and pattern revealed.

As a husband, how can you not be supportive of something that you see firsthand your wife getting SO excited over? The atmosphere was like a rock concert. Literally. Although I thought there could have been more of the laser show (I hope somebody at Thirty-One reads this… the lasers were SO cool, they needed to be used more!), there was great loud music, smoke effects, awesome lighting. And a huge 50ish foot wide by probably 80ish foot tall projection screen showing new products and patterns. Way cool. Allowing the husbands to be present should go a long way to improving buy-in for anyone who was marginal before.

Let’s face it, a lot of times guys are more analytical than the girls. Seeing all those new products got me thinking about marketing immediately. How are we going to get this in front of more people?

After all that activity, we had recognition. This year recognition was split into 4 different sessions and our group went first. Thirty-One celebrates every level of leadership promotion from Director above. We watched as hundreds of Directors walked across the stage, greeted by Cindy Monroe one by one. Then dozens of Senior Directors and Executive Directors did the same. Then Holley and the other new Senior Executive Directors were recognized as well. Most were accompanied by their husbands, and I walked with Holley. What an honor! I’m SO PROUD OF HER!

Jason, Holley, Cindy

Me with my wife Holley (center) and Cindy Monroe, founder of Thirty-One Gifts (right)

Seeing how Holley’s team looks up to her was pretty special as well. I’ve been blessed to see this to some degree at various events in the past, but seeing it at conference was a whole different level. It made me so proud of her. I’m always proud of her, and it’s hard to believe I could get even more so, but it happened nonetheless.

When Thursday was finished, I was exhausted.

Day 4 (Friday)

Friday started with another general session Product 101 where they give the low-down on the new products with selling ideas and new personalization options. There was a “party demonstration” with Kizzy that made me laugh so hard that it gave me an upper respiratory tract infection. I can hardly talk. Then there was a session with a great speaker (Sue Rusch) who talked about Part Plan techniques. Valuable information.

In the afternoon there were classes for the consultants. HOTs are not allowed to attend these (maybe next year?). I got a chance to do a little reading and planning and even wrote another blog post.

In the evening, we went to dinner and then stayed out late with our good friends the Crocketts and the Rodriguezes. We made a near-midnight run to The Varsity, which was awesome! Did I mention that NC is a great opportunity for direct sales husbands to get out and travel a little and try new things? So fun!


What are your fun National Conference stories?

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