Does Your Direct Sales Team Have a Toxic Culture?


The key to tapping the incredible earning potential possible with direct sales lies in recruiting and developing a team. This takes time, but generates great rewards. Many of my posts have been directed towards husbands or consultants. This one is directed more towards girls who already have a team, or are actively growing a team.

Any time people start “grouping up” you’ll notice that each group develops its own “personality” and “character.” Even if you’re at a conference of peers, you’ll notice this same thing. People will gravitate towards certain groups and that group will have it’s personality. It may just be a group of people sitting together at a particular table. In those cases, eventually the group will find that there is a leader of the group. It’s not voted on. It just happens. Then when it does, the group follows the leader. 

In the case of direct sales businesses, the leader is determined by the hierarchy of the team through recruiting. That means you, if you have a team, ARE A LEADER! How about that? Here’s a simple definition for you:

Leader: Someone who has followers.

Unfortunately, this leadership position often goes to waste. This has some inevitable negative consequences, which are almost entirely avoidable. 

If you’ve been in Direct Sales long enough to have developed a team, then you’ve heard the phrase: The pace of the leader determines the speed of the pack. That’s true of your personal business. But it’s true in other areas as well. As the leader for your team, you have the ability to determine the “personality” and character of your team.


So, how do you know that you need to step things up a bit in the leadership department? And this may be something you see on other teams that are further down your own downline. Keep a lookout for these: 

Signs Your Team May Have a Toxic Culture:

1. Is the team FaceBook page is constantly full of negativity?

2. Is there is a steady stream of divisiveness between individuals in the team?

3. Are Girls on the team disengaged?

4. Is there a high drop-off rate on the team?

5. Is the team constantly bombarded with Drama?  It’s not REALLY the sixth Love Language.

6. You are constantly having to put out fires, emotional breakdowns, etc. on your team (reactive thinking).

7. A general attitude of demotivation or sarcasm.

Oh, and one more thing:

Toxic Culture is NOT NORMAL!

(So don’t let it be normal for your team, either!) 

A lot of times people want to avoid dealing with these issues. But this is definitely not a case where you can “ignore it and it will go away.” Left on its own, a negative culture will simply grow more negative. Leadership comes with responsibility, which is something that seems to be missing in our (American) culture in general these days. But an active, intentional leader will recognize a toxic culture and reshape it into healthy culture.

If you have a team and are earning money from that team, that isn’t just free money. It is money earned by stewarding the team, helping each member of the team overcome their obstacles and grow. If a toxic culture develops on the team, it just makes it a lot harder for the girls on the team (including yourself) to reach their full potential with their businesses.

I hope that anyone reading this (to this point, at least!) will take these words in a positive light. I suppose I’m stepping out on a limb a little bit. I’m not speaking to anyone in particular here, just covering some things I’ve noticed around and about in watching the Direct Sales business. I suspect some (or many) who read this may become personally offended by the discussion. Don’t let that be you! Those people who refuse to confront the negativity in their organization are sure to continue that negativity. They may even be contributing to it directly.

Question: What do you think about this post? Did I overstep my bounds?

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