Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Rundown


Wow, I didn’t realize how many posts I’d written on this topic. And honestly, there’s a ton more to come! 

Here’s a rundown of the posts in The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook thus far:

Part 1 – Introduction – Why does there need to be a Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook?

Part 2 – Buy In – The Top 10 Reasons to Support Your Wife’s Direct Sales Business

Part 3 – General Support – Attitude, Emotional Support, Motivation, & Accountability

Part 4 – Getting Involved – How to get your husband’s feet wet in your direct sales business.

Brief Note – Is there anything you’d like me to cover in this series?

Part 5 – Know Your Direct Sales – Party Plan vs MLM

Part 6 – Debunking the Pyramid Scheme Thing – Talking about the Direct Sales Business Model & debunking the myth

National Conference From a Guy’s Perspective – Top 5 Reasons For a Husband to Attend National Conference

Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Conference Day 2 – What to Expect at National Conference

National Conference Days 3 & 4 – More info about Thirty-One Gifts National Conference (from a guy’s perspective)

National Conference Wrap-Up – H.O.T. Day with Thirty-One Gifts! Every year Thirty-One gets the husbands more and more involved.

Live It Up! Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 Photo Gallery – Lots of Photos from Conference 2012

Top 6 Ways to Use Your Contacts to Promote Your Wife’s Business – Guys, are you helping promote your wife’s business like you should?

How to Help Your Wife – Use Your Ingenuity – Advice on how you can start helping her direct sales business

It Really Is The Little Stuff – Little stuff you can take off her plate that can clear her mind or time & allow her to work her business better

Goal-Setting With Your Wife – Part 1 – Basic Principles of Goal-Setting

Goal-Setting With Your Direct Sales Girl – Part 2 – Apply Goal-Setting to her business

One of the things I do… Just a little insight into one of the ways I help my wife & her business.

Be Her Coach – “A coach is someone who can work along side of you and correct you without criticizing you in a way that is negative in your life.” – John Wooden

Brainstorming – General rules of thumb about brainstorming & how to use it in your direct sales business.

Top 7 Free Resources to Improve Your Graphics Skills – This is a great skill to develop to help your wife in her business

Do You Need Photoshop For Business Graphics – Discussion of different software you can use to create graphics for email, newsletters, flyers and other things that can help your wife build her business.

I hope you enjoy these blog posts. If you do enjoy them, please share this link with other girls (or guys) you know involved in direct sales, regardless of the company. Let me know what you think about them by posting comments on the blog posts. Let me know what topics you’d like to hear my take on as well. The more feedback in the comments, the more benefit you guys (the readers) get from this stuff!

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