Direct Sales Husbands’ Handbook Roundup Part 3



Rundown Part 3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a compendium of posts which I consider to be my “Direct Sales Husbands’ Handbook” (DSHH). So here I go with part 3!

If you’re new to this blog, here are links to my 2 previous Roundups for your perusal:

Roundup Part 1

Roundup Part 2

These posts are a great place to start. I started “blogging” several years ago, but had to “reboot” the blog in Spring of last year due to technical issues. Although a lot of my posts are DSHH related, I also do reviews and other series when I think of something I think is interesting. These Roundup posts avoid all that other stuff and get straight to the meat of the Direct Sales Husbands’ Handbook.


In order from oldest (starting after part 2 above) to newest:

Perfectionism Is Your Enemy – Don’t let yourself fall for the trap of perfectionism!

Why Are So Many Husbands Antagonistic to their Wife’s Business? – This is something we see all the time – guys who aren’t just not supportive of their wife, but actively antagonistic. Why is that?

It’s Your Fear That Is Holding You Back! – Fear is a common factor in consultants not reaching their full potential in this business. Don’t fall for that!

Why Do Women Start Direct Sales Businesses? – Understanding your wife’s motive for starting her business can help you be more successful in supporting her well.

Top Reasons Direct Sales Consultants Fail (Part 1) – Top 6 reasons direct sales consultants fail

Top Reasons Direct Sales Consultants Fail (Part 2) – Top 6 reasons direct sales consultants fail (part 2)

Is Direct Sales Really That Hard? – What does it take to be successful in direct sales?

How Do You Define “Success?” – Common pitfalls for defining success in your direct sales business.

Avoid This Direct Sales Scam! – Direct sales itself is NOT a scam… but there are people out there scamming the Direct Sellers! Don’t let that happen to you.

What You Focus On Grows – one of the things I do for my wife’s business is some design work for things she needs. Here are some examples.

How to Run a Direct Sales Business on a Shoestring Budget Part 1 – busting the misconception that you have to invest a lot of money to make money in direct sales.

How to Run a Direct Sales Business on a Shoestring Budget Part 2 – 7 rules for running your direct sales business on a shoestring budget

Does Your Direct Sales Team Have a Toxic Culture? – There are tons of teams out there that just seem to have a culture of negativity. Is this true for your team?

Top Things I Learned at Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2013 – Just a few thoughts on what I learned from NC this year (as a H.O.T.)


As always, I appreciate you checking out my blog! I have a heart for the Direct Sales Consultant and Leaders, as well as their husband. If you have a difference of opinion on anything I say, please share it!

Likewise, if you have any questions, topics you’d like me to cover, or anything of the sort, please leave me a comment or drop me a line.!

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