Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Roundup Part 2 + Top 20 of 2012


It amazes me that I was able to post consistently since July. During that period of time, I’ve produced about 80 posts, so I thought I’d bring together the top 20 of them for the year. Next year, there’ll be a lot more to choose from as I have plenty planned for 2013.

Top 20 Posts of 2012

A User’s Review of YNAB 4

$10-20 Gifts You Should Consider Getting Your Guy For Christmas

How to Help Her Direct Sales Business Day-to-Day

Incentive Trips ROCK!

Gift Guide for your Guy – $5-10

Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Part 6 – Debunking The Pyramid Scheme Thing

$20-40 Gifts Your Guy Will Love for Christmas

The 7 Keys to Direct Sales Business Accountability

Live It Up! Thirty-One Gifts National Conference 2012 Photo Gallery

Business Tax Basics 

Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Rundown

Business Organization – Setting Up An Office

Consider the Paperless Office

Start Some Conversations! 4 Great Ways to Promote Your Wife’s Direct Sales Business

You Need A Budget

Business Organization Part 2 – Time & Calendar Management

Top 7 Free Resources to Improve Your Graphics Skills

Do’s And Don’ts of Going Paperless in Direct Sales

Paperless WorkFLow for Direct Sales Using Evernote

Time Management For Direct Sales & Small Business



Bonus! Updated Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Rundown (Part 2)

Incentive Trips ROCK! – My take on the Thirty-One Gifts leadership incentive trip from 2012 & suggestions on how to make sure your wife earns that trip.

Incentive Trips – The Obvious and the Hidden Gems – why you husbands should actually GO on that incentive trip with your wife. I was surprised at how many direct sales ladies went to Cancun by themselves or took a friend, leaving their husband at home.

Resources for the Direct Sales Husband – a run down of the surprisingly few direct sales resources for husbands.

Run That Business, or It Will Run You! – Simple business principles to follow in order for your direct sales business to thrive.

Leading From Within – why you should start within your home when it comes to leadership.

Business Tax Basics – new to running a business and paying taxes on it? Start here.

Business Data – What Should I Follow? – data analysis is how you determine where and how you’re growing your direct sales business. It can help you identify important trends or weaknesses.

How to Help Her Direct Sales Business Day-to-Day – the title pretty much says it all. One of my most-read posts.

Start Some Conversations! 4 Great Ways to Promote Your Wife’s Direct Sales Business – fast-talking your way to direct-sales business success. Well, not exactly, but you get the idea…

Be An Idea Sounding Board – like focused or directed brainstorming. Definitely somewhere most husbands need help.

Business Organization – Setting Up An Office – This is a great way for a husband to get involved with his wife’s direct sales business!

Business Organization Part 2 – Time & Calendar Management – important aspects for any small business owner. Running your own business can get hairy if you’re not organized.

Consider the Paperless Office – Going paperless is an awesome thing for small business people. Check this out!

Paperless WorkFlow for Direct Sales Using Evernote – Some notes on one of the best paperless assets out there – Evernote

Do’s And Don’ts of Going Paperless in Direct Sales – what should you, and shouldn’t you, scan when going paperless?

Time Management For Direct Sales & Small Business – Everyone’s heard of “time management,” but where do you start?

More Time Management Resources – essentially part 2 of the article above.


Hopefully you’ve found something on this blog useful in 2012. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve come across it yourself. Either way, please share this resource with someone you know who is involved in the Direct Sales Business. There are millions of married women in America who are doing direct sales by themselves. Maybe educating their husbands can change that a little bit. I truly believe that can in a very major way change some lives and families for the better. Maybe a lot of them. That’s my mission with The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook. Help me spread it.

Thank you, and Happy New year!


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