Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – National Conference From a Guy’s Perspective

It’s that time of year when the women of Thirty-One gather together by the thousands for their National Conference (NC). This year that means over 16,000 consultants are invading the city of Atlanta to attend classes, meet other consultants and get energized for their Thirty-one business.

This is my second year attending NC, though my wife has been, I believe, to every one of them. Previous NC’s have been held in Columbus, OH (the city of Thirty-One’s home office), Orlando, and Chattanooga. My goal here is to give a bit of a “guy’s perspective” on this whole conference thing with short posts each day.

Last year’s NC was an eye-opening experience. And that conference had about 6000 attendees. But, for me, it was a great experience. I met so many girls on Holley’s team and met several of her Thirty-One friends as well. Just having the opportunity to put faces to the names I hear on a regular basis made it worthwhile. It was many of the girls’ first opportunity to meet me as well.

Then there were also opportunities to meet other H.O.T.s (husbands of Thirty-One). I’m not going to say there were a huge number of guys at NC last year, but apparently there were more than previous years. I can al ready tell there are mo re here this year than last. There was even a session for. The HOTs where we had a panel discussion and got to see what being involved with Thirty-One meant from a husband’s perspective.

Top 5 Reasons For a Husband to Attend National Conference

  • To meet the other consultants on your wife’s team
  • To help her with any of the things she might need done during NC
  • Team Photographer!
  • Networking opportunities with other guys
  • Attend classes and learn how you can help
  • So far this year, we’ve checked in, Holley registered for conference, I met up with her team while she did that, and we had a team dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead. From that experience I have two recommendations for you guys:

    1. Don’t get the Baja Fresh Chicken Tacos at CF. They were filling but very bland.
    2. Try not to sit at the middle of a table surrounded by 18 girls. It’s overwhelming and hard to stick with any one conversation as they’re hitting you from both sides and across the table.


    Guys: share your experience(s) attending your wife’s National Conference. Was it worthwhile to you (or her)?
    Girls: Why do you wish your husband would come to conference with you?

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