Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook – Conference Day 2

What To Expect At National Conference

So far, NC has been a whirlwind. I’m sure that’s even more true for the girls than for their hubbies.

Just a general run down for the guys who may come in future years, here’s more or less what to expect from days one and two of the National Conference Experience:

Day One

Day One is about getting to conference. Traveling to Atlanta meant a 4 hour derive from Morristown, TN for Holley and myself. Once we arrived, we checked in to the Omni hotel, we got Holley registered for NC and then had a team dinner for those girls on the team who were also here already (@Cheesecake Factory… Remember what I said about the Baja Fresh Tacos). Just so you know, we got there at 7:30 and left at 11:30.

For the guys, a group got together. And went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game. Last year we went to a Columbus Clippers baseball game. That made for good times and I met several other husbands.

Day Two

Day 2 is really the first day of NC for Thirty-One. Before the majority of attendees arrive they do a Director’s day. While this year guests are allowed to attend most of the general sessions, the specific classes are for consultants only, so for the guys, it’s mostly a fend-for-yourself day. I took the opportunity to visit the Georgia Aquarium with another H.O.T. Linn Hudson and to have dinner with him & Ethan Crockett. Good times, again.

I will say that there were tons of opportunities to take photos of Holley, her girls, & the venue. Being the official photographer for Team Cox is a great reason to get cool camera gear, but it comes with the responsibility of actually taking decent photos. I enjoy that anyway. The other thing I try to keep in mind is that great photos are essential to a great newsletter. Since I’m deeply involved with the newsletter, training materials, and Holley’s general “Brand,” I’m constantly on the lookout for pictures to fill those spots.

I know some of the other H.O.T.s have gone golfing and maybe even fishing together while their wives are doing their things. There’s a ton of networking opportunity, regardless of your interests.


What are some fun things to do in downtown Atlanta?

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