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Incentive Trips ROCK!

You may have noticed the lack of posts for the last week or so… There’s a good reason for that – my wife took me to Moon Palace Resort (Trip Advisor Link) in Cancun, Mexico! Thirty-One Gifts has impacted our lives in so many ways, but this is one thing that is just plain cool. How […]

Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook Rundown

Wow, I didn’t realize how many posts I’d written on this topic. And honestly, there’s a ton more to come!  Here’s a rundown of the posts in The Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook thus far: Part 1 – Introduction – Why does there need to be a Direct Sales Husband’s Handbook? Part 2 – Buy In […]

One of the things I do…

Being a direct sales husband (Husband Of ThirtyOne) is one of many hats… One of these days I’ll get around to doing a blog post (or two) about “our story.” How I first learned about direct sales and Thirty-One Gifts. It’s really not been that long ago that I was first introduced to it, honestly. […]

It Really Is The Little Stuff…

Of course there are tons of ways to help with your wife’s direct sales business. I’ve mentioned a few already in earlier posts and more will be coming after this. Today I wanted to talk about: The Little Stuff… Chances are good that you’ve run a business of some sort (or helped to do so) […]

#31LiveItUp National Conference Bling!

2012 31 National Conference Photo Gallery Guys,want another reason to go to conference (and why you should encourage your direct sales wife to go)? Here’s all the stuff Holley got just for attending (laid out on my reading chair). She needed me there just to help carry it all.

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