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Check Out Part 1 (Intro), Part 2 (Home Medical Kits), and Part 3 (Portable/Car Medical Kits)

So what other considerations are there in the realm of medical kits?

Should You Buy a Kit or Build Your Own?

First Aid Kits

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The Portable Car Medical Kit

JasonC —  February 5, 2013 — 2 Comments


So you’ve put together your full-sized home medical kit and you feel pretty good about it. What’s next?

Well, where else do you spend a large amount of time? Work, of course (try to get them to put together a kit similar to the Home Medical Kit). Otherwise, you probably spend a fair amount of time in your car driving and at activities (sporting events for yourself and kids). What if you have an accident while traveling? What if your daughter has a huge abrasion during a soccer game?

The Portable/Car Medical Kit to the Rescue!

The key purpose of the Car Medical Kit is to be prepared for the types of minor emergencies you might encounter while traveling or at frequent destinations away from home. So, if you commute 2 hours (one way!) to work as my friend Ethan does, if something happens along the way you’ll have a kit ready. What if you’re a soccer mom (or dad)? Or a Boy Scout troop leader? Think about the types of situations you’re likely to benefit from having a kit of some sort.

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As mentioned in my set-up post for this series, you should strongly consider buying or making a medical kit for your home. When the need arises, it will be easy to find, accessible, and should have the items you’re likely to need for 80% (or more) of your household emergency needs.

This post will cover the Home Medical Kit.

Why do you need a home medical kit? Chances are good you have some personal experience or insight into the reasons, so I’m not going into detail here. When it comes to a household “emergency” a kit puts what you’re going to need in one place. If you have kids, it’s just a matter of time before one of them runs in the house screaming with a cut, abrasion, bite, burn, or some other injury. Not every such injury can be handled at home, but most of them can. When it happens, you don’t want to have to run all over the house looking for bandages, gauze, medicine, and the rest.

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