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I’m just a tiny bit ashamed to say: “I’m a gamer.” I enjoy playing video games from time to time. By no means would anyone call me a hard-core gamer, but when the “Next Generation” of consoles were announced, I was pretty excited.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve been gaming on the Playstation 3, and before that I had a Playstation 2. Over the years, my preferred games have changed (from NCAA football & the Need For Speed series on the PS2 to the Call of Duty franchise on the PS3 (which I’ve only really been playing for the last 3 years). On the PS3, I was late to the party, buying it mainly after having so many frustrations with other Blu-Ray players and continuously hearing the PS3 was the best Blu-Ray player out there. The last 5 years have proven that to be true. It’s an awesome BR player. But it’s also an awesome gaming machine.

Despite that, I really considered changing platforms to the Xbox with the new generation (PS4/Xbox One). It just seems like more people I know who are gamers play on the Xbox.

Then the initial releases hit and Microsoft TOTALLY botched it. Butchered it, really.

Playstation 4 Box

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