Anything Worth Doing…

So I was watching YouTube videos and I came across this one where the guy was talking about his personal philosophy and this concept really stuck with me: AnythingWorthDoing

When you first say it out loud “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” it just feels “off.” But then when you think about it, it makes so much sense! How many people NEVER strive for greatness for fear of failure? How many try something once and give up because the results aren’t PERFECT the first time? 

I think it happens all the time. Probably the majority of people who read this have “settled” in life because they didn’t even try. Or maybe they tried, but didn’t push through to the point where they actually get good at it. 

In one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books (I think it is Outliers), he talks about the 10,000-hour rule. 10,000 hours! That’s essentially 10 years of 50 hour/week (or more) solid working at something before you get to the “expert” level! 

So if you love doing something, it shouldn’t matter how good you are to start out. What matters is that you do it. Stick with it. Overcome and outlast! Because 10 years down the road is where you really see the benefit of sticking with it. 

Are YOU doing what is truly worth doing?


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