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I’m a 42 year-old hospitalist doctor and affirmed geek. I’m a husband, father and step-father. My life has been a series of ups and downs but is solidly on the upswing now. I give full props for that to Jesus as I’ve given the reins to my life to Him and only worry myself with trying to figure out where He is leading me. That’s how I re-found Holley, my wife since May 2010 and the most incredible woman I know.

Being a Husband:

I work hard to follow God in this area and it always pays off. Still, there are tons of mistakes along the way, from me, of course, but I’m still counting on getting better at it constantly. Listening to Holley helps. And it’s a good thing that she is so patient with me. Being the best husband I can be is the highest priority in my life after my relationship with Christ.

Being a Dad:

This is an area of my life in which feel totally inadequate. But I see it as being so important that I keep pushing forward no matter the failures. I envy anybody who feels they are a great Dad. Helping to raise 7 kids makes for a pretty busy life at home, but that adventure is an enjoyable one most of the time. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject and plan to read even more. It does seem to help. The Wild at Heart Revised & Updated: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul books and King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father
are some of my favorites (check them out!)

Being a Doctor:

After graduating from UT Medical School in 1997 (15 years!) I completed Family Medicine Residency at ETSU in Johnson City in 2000. I tried working in an outpatient clinic setting, but hated it. So I started my own hospitalist program and ran that for 4 years, loving it all the while. Everyone asks “what is a hospitalist?” We are a type of physician who only sees patients who are sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. Often people think we see patients in the Emergency Department. We don’t (unless we are admitting them to the hospital). We don’t have clinics or offices of our own to see patients outside of the hospital.

The best thing about being a hospitalist is the pace of the work and the variety of my work. I love that. The worst thing about it is seeing the seedy side of the medical world on a daily basis and having people manipulate for pain medication.

Being a Geek:

Hey, it’s what comes naturally to me. When I’m not doing one of the things mentioned above, I love geeking-out with my dual-monitor Mac using Photoshop and now the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. I have a creative side and that helps me vent that. Playing Modern Warfare 3 on Playstation 3 is a fun stress-relief and a continued challenge, but takes entirely too much of my time. I enjoy sketching cars and planes and space-ships. I used to do a ton of 3D, but haven’t done that in years, but photography is a fun new hobby I’ve put some time into in the past few years. Although it has nothing to do with being a geek (as far as I know), I also enjoy playing tennis and play whenever I can fit it into the schedule. Creating and maintaining this website and my wife’s site help vent the creative flow. If there’s a graphic or image on here (or there) it’s probably something I created personally.

Being Christian and Conservative:

I’m a Christian. I won’t apologize for that, though in America it seems to be expected for those of us who are Christians to be apologetic about it. It is my belief that this country was built on faith in Jesus and that is part of what has helped us to prosper. As the Christianity is stripped from the country in every way possible, the country’s influence is likewise being stripped away from the world. It’s kind of sad.

I’m a Libertarian. That is not to be confused with Liberal. Libertarians believe the government should be as small as possible to create a functional system. Everything that can be governed by more local government should be, instead of granting more power to less local government (this goes from city -> county -> state -> federal -> world). Who knows better what a local group of people need other than the local people themselves. Who also can better ensure there is not abuse of the system than the local citizens? There is a reason the founders of our country wanted a fairly weak federal government and relatively stronger state governments. Maybe someday we can get past that and allow people to prosper by working hard.

Why I Don’t Blog About Medical Topics:

I work 15-18 shifts a month as a hospitalist and medical director for the hospitalist program. I put a lot of myself into that and it can be significantly draining to me. Most of the topics I would be tempted to blog on in medicine would, I feel, be very negative and I don’t think they would benefit people in general. I suspect it would get me “worked up” and probably raise my blood pressure and stress level. Though other physicians might agree with many or most of my points of view, few physicians have time to blog or peruse blogs.

Physicians in general are not activists and we don’t really even defend ourselves against government change or trends in society because we keep ourselves so busy we tend to be blind to the things that happen in the world around us. If you see medical issues being discussed in some political forum, you would be very wrong to expect that physicians are actively advising the process. The physicians who do that are mostly non-practicing physicians and tend to be out-of-touch with the realities of daily patient care and the challenges of an active practice of medicine (on patients). Very often they are academic docs, dual doctor/lawyers, doctors who make their living by being paid by some special interest group, insurance companies, or some regulatory agency. None of that is very well informed about the current practice of medicine on patients. Read doctors are patient-advocates. Those people are NOT.

In the current climate, physicians are essentially all assumed to be “crooks” of some sort or another. The media paint doctors as narcissists and fundamentally untrustworthy. Populist opinion is that we are rich, indulgent members of the 1% and that we must have only managed to get there by stealing from the poor. Furthermore, I am employed and in the current state of the world, people are fired almost daily for writing about work in some way that might conceivably offend someone. Or maybe even describing a situation that is a little too revealing of a particular patient or something.

So, while I have a LOT of opinions on medical matters, I will save those for other physicians directly. And I will probably NEVER write anything on my blog (other than what you read above) about medicine or my views of it. It’s just not worth the risk.


The views represented anywhere and everywhere on this website are in no way related to the views of my employer, Covenant Health Systems, nor have they been approved by them. They do not own me, nor my blog and have no rights to the contents of it, nor are the liable for anything contained within this site.

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