A Touch of Creativity – Sketching is Fun!

One thing about me is that I have something of a creative streak. It’s not necessarily always there or always active (is it for anyone?) but every so often I just feel the “urge” to get creative. When this happens, sometimes I’ll break out one of my sketchbooks (I probably should consolidate to using one at a time so I can actually finish one.) At other times, I’ll open a creative app like Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, or Illustrator and just start drawing. 

If you ever get that “creative urge,” I highly recommend getting yourself a sketchbook. You don’t need any training. Just draw. Draw what you see. Draw what you can imagine. It really doesn’t matter. Don’t be critical of your drawings. There is no place for criticism in your sketchbook. It’s just a creative outlet. And you never know what may come of it. The criticism will only serve to keep you from exercising your creativity. Fear of criticism will do the same, so don’t let that stand in your way. It’s not about being perfect or professional. It’s about “getting it out.”

Remember, sketching is for you. It helps the creative process, getting ideas down on paper can help them develop into something bigger, cooler, or better. Sketch anything you think about. Ideas. Things you see. Dreams. Designs. Over time you’ll develop a style. Just have fun with it!

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I’m just going to share a few sketches. I worked on the Ampersands at the end last night and this morning and thought it was a fun, cool little idea. You never need an excuse to draw or create an ampersand. Typography has been a recurrent theme for me, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it recently. I’m a geek, though, so spaceships, planes, dragons, cars and all that get drawn quite often.

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“Celebrate” isn’t the easiest word to create in ambigram form. But I decided to do it and here’s the result. After this experience “encourage” and “reward” remain on the back burner, probably indefinitely!


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Anyway, just a little sharing. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! 

Do you have a sketchbook of your own? Use it often?

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