31 National Conference 2012 Photo Gallery

Olympic ParkTeam Cox DirectorsGirls of Team Cox2012 Product RevealPhillips ArenaLive It Up!
Phillips PanoramaWorship BandScott on SaxJohn Rorke, CameramanSpirit CollectionPower Couple
SED RecognitionSmile for the Camera4 HOTs Cheesin' It Up!Beach Balls 1Beach Balls 2Holleys SED Crew
Beach Balls 33 HOTsProduct 101Kizzy!Sue RuschFront Row Crew

31 National Conference, a set on Flickr.

The 2013 National Conference for Thirty-One Gifts is just around the corner! For those of you who are on the fence about attending (you definitely should, it’s quite the experience!) here are some photos from the 2012 conference to get you excited!

If you’re considering bringing your husband, you’ll notice there are quite a few guys present. Every year more Husbands Of ThirtyOne (H.O.T.s) attend. It’s a great way for him to share in the excitement and see a little more closely what it’s all about!

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