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The key to tapping the incredible earning potential possible with direct sales lies in recruiting and developing a team. This takes time, but generates great rewards. Many of my posts have been directed towards husbands or consultants. This one is directed more towards girls who already have a team, or are actively growing a team.

Any time people start “grouping up” you’ll notice that each group develops its own “personality” and “character.” Even if you’re at a conference of peers, you’ll notice this same thing. People will gravitate towards certain groups and that group will have it’s personality. It may just be a group of people sitting together at a particular table. In those cases, eventually the group will find that there is a leader of the group. It’s not voted on. It just happens. Then when it does, the group follows the leader. 

In the case of direct sales businesses, the leader is determined by the hierarchy of the team through recruiting. That means you, if you have a team, ARE A LEADER! How about that? Here’s a simple definition for you:

Leader: Someone who has followers.

Unfortunately, this leadership position often goes to waste. This has some inevitable negative consequences, which are almost entirely avoidable. 

If you’ve been in Direct Sales long enough to have developed a team, then you’ve heard the phrase: The pace of the leader determines the speed of the pack. That’s true of your personal business. But it’s true in other areas as well. As the leader for your team, you have the ability to determine the “personality” and character of your team.


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Check out Part 1 of this series for answers to a number of common questions.

Running a business may seem like a daunting task for someone who has never done it before. Especially when you hear stories on a regular basis of people starting up a small business only to find it actually loses them money. And more money the longer they’re in it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Choosing the right company goes a long way, and there are several good ones out there. Thirty-One Gifts is a great example.  Then follow these pretty simple rules to avoid getting in over your head:

7 Rules For Running Your Direct Sales Business On A Shoestring:

1. Don’t spend money on anything in the business unless the business generates income  to purchase it.

2. Don’t buy (and show) products people don’t want!

3. Host your own in-home parties using yourself as the hostess.

4. Talk to other consultants, find out what expenses they think is actually worth the cost.

5. Make use of every incentive the company offers.

6. Fundraisers are your friend!

7. Make a budget for your business, and stick to it!


Now, let’s dig into each of these a little deeper:

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31 National Conference, a set on Flickr.

The 2013 National Conference for Thirty-One Gifts is just around the corner! For those of you who are on the fence about attending (you definitely should, it’s quite the experience!) here are some photos from the 2012 conference to get you excited!

If you’re considering bringing your husband, you’ll notice there are quite a few guys present. Every year more Husbands Of ThirtyOne (H.O.T.s) attend. It’s a great way for him to share in the excitement and see a little more closely what it’s all about!


If you’ve been reading my blog over any appreciable amount of time, you’ve heard me go on about how important it is to run your direct sales business like an actual business (as opposed to a hobby). Recently I was reading an interesting question on Facebook that went something along these lines (and this is specifically about Thirty-One gifts):

Do you have to invest money into the business (over and above the starter kit) in order to be successful?

The answer is “Yes, and no.” (Of course!) And the question got me thinking about how a direct sales business can be run like a business and with the least (or at least reasonably little) investment from the consultant.

Let me spend a little time explaining what I mean…

Thirty-One Gifts New Consultant Kit

An early Thirty-One new consultant sign-up kit. Oh, how times have changed!

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What You Focus On Grows

JasonC —  June 24, 2013 — 4 Comments


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Recently our local Blockbuster has started their going-out-of-business clearance sale. Literally everything in the building is for sale, including the DVD shelves and racks. I was worried that would happen because the other 2 in the area have closed up shop in the last 2-3 years. Having been a Blockbuster Total Access subscriber (they send me Blu-Rays in my queue and I can turn them in locally in exchange for something immediately), I had been pretty spoiled by the access and the ability to always have an awesome selection. 

On the other hand, 3 years ago I married my dream girl and now have a full household most all the time and all sorts of activities to occupy my time, so I haven’t been watching movies anywhere close to the same rate as when I was on my own. Still, the imminent closure of Blockbuster means a change in my home entertainment setup.

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