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Review of Google: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Marketing Your Business

The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Business With Google by Gabriela Taylor My rating: 3 of 5 stars Last August I was provided a complimentary copy of Gabriela Taylor’s book Google: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Marketing Your Business With Google . It’s been a busy several months but I’ve worked my […]

Evernote Nugget

Today I was talking with a friend at work about insurance cards and I had this thought: We all have to carry multiple “cards” with us for our official documents. They take up space in your wallet and can be fragile. Paper cards can get wet or frayed, bent, or the print can fade or […]

Perfectionism Is Your Enemy

Are you a perfectionist by nature? I certainly am, and for much of my life, that’s served me very well. My wife is also a perfectionist. If someone did a study of all entrepreneurs, I think that study would so the majority of them have perfectionist tendencies. Perfectionism is that little thing inside of you […]

How do pyramid schemes differ from direct sales? The vast majority of consultants, even successful ones, make the majority of their money in direct sales through selling the company’s product to customers and earning a commission from those sales. There is huge benefit in recruiting new members to their team, though they do not make […]

How To Revive Family Game Night in Your House

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood involved “game night” with my family. Often we would get together with another family and the parents would play some sort of game and we kids would play on our own table. As I got older, I got to start playing at the adult table and it […]

The VuPoint Magic Wand III Platinum Portable Scanner

One of the gifts I received this Christmas was the VuPoint Magic Want III portable scanner. Considering I just did a small series of posts on “going paperless,” I thought it would be a good focus of a review oriented towards that role.   VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST441-VP Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/ Preview Display, 900 […]

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