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Ok, guys and girls. Here’s a fun activity that will bring Direct Sales Husbands and their wife closer together. Brainstorming! This is something Holley and I do on a pretty regular basis. At least once a month, I’d say. What is the value of brainstorming in direct sales? For most people, it’s tremendous. On the […]

Be Her Coach

Click Here to go all the way back to the first post in this series. One of the best things you can do as a Direct Sales Husband is to be a coach to your wife. This is something you may need to be a little bit careful about, but for every husband out there, […]

One of the things I do…

Being a direct sales husband (Husband Of ThirtyOne) is one of many hats… One of these days I’ll get around to doing a blog post (or two) about “our story.” How I first learned about direct sales and Thirty-One Gifts. It’s really not been that long ago that I was first introduced to it, honestly. […]

A Great Resource for Effecting Change

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is an excellent book for anyone looking to shape some change into your organization or even your own life. A lot of people have difficulty with change and this book is an excellent resource for both […]

Goal Setting with Your Wife – Part 1

Today I’m going to write about goal-setting with your wife. It’s fresh on my mind as my wife and I just finished working on our goals ourselves. I’m no expert in goal-setting, but I’ve done some reading and have some experience, so that’s what I’m going to be writing about. This is definitely something you […]

It Really Is The Little Stuff…

Of course there are tons of ways to help with your wife’s direct sales business. I’ve mentioned a few already in earlier posts and more will be coming after this. Today I wanted to talk about: The Little Stuff… Chances are good that you’ve run a business of some sort (or helped to do so) […]

How to Help Your Wife: Use Your Ingenuity

Guys: whatever your background or work situation, there’s a good chance you’ve learned a lot about “how things work.” Are you in the business world? Run your own business? Do a lot of reading? Whatever the origin, you probably have some knowledge or skillset that can help in direct sales. I had a conversation with […]

#31LiveItUp National Conference Bling!

2012 31 National Conference Photo Gallery Guys,want another reason to go to conference (and why you should encourage your direct sales wife to go)? Here’s all the stuff Holley got just for attending (laid out on my reading chair). She needed me there just to help carry it all.

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